Video Resources

2017 Regional Congress on Contact Lens Education

9-10 September 2017, Hyderabad India

Day 1

1. Contact lens innovation! Top 10 tips for proactive recommendation of CLs – Dr Shehzad Naroo and Dr Etty Bitton

2. Importance of proper CL work-up protocol: patient selection and examination – Dr Luigina Sorbara

3. Importance of lens care and follow-up – Dr Rajeswari Mahadevan

4. Existing educational resources – lecture/demonstration – Dr Lewis Williams and Nilesh Thite

5. Minimum acceptable competency for practical examinations – Lakshmi Shinde

6. The best of both worlds – daily disposable silicone hydrogel lenses – Professor Desmond Fonn


1. Opportunities and current options with presbyopia – Professor Janice Jurkus

2. How to teach presbyopia Lens fitting – Professor Monica Chaudhry

3. Establishing contact lens growth – Professor Janice Jurkus, Dr Ithar Beshtawi

4. Why and how of presbyopic contact lens fitting – Yeshwant Saoji