2017 Regional Congress on Contact Lens Education

9-10 September 2017, Hyderabad India

Day 1

1. Contact lens innovation! Top 10 tips for proactive recommendation of CLs – Dr Shehzad Naroo and Dr Etty Bitton

2. Importance of proper CL work-up protocol: patient selection and examination – Dr Luigina Sorbara

3. Importance of lens care and follow-up – Dr Rajeswari Mahadevan

4. Existing educational resources – lecture/demonstration – Dr Lewis Williams and Nilesh Thite

5. Minimum acceptable competency for practical examinations – Lakshmi Shinde

6. The best of both worlds – daily disposable silicone hydrogel lenses – Professor Desmond Fonn


1. Opportunities and current options with presbyopia – Professor Janice Jurkus

2. How to teach presbyopia Lens fitting – Professor Monica Chaudhry

3. Establishing contact lens growth – Professor Janice Jurkus, Dr Ithar Beshtawi

4. Why and how of presbyopic contact lens fitting – Yeshwant Saoji

Slit Lamp Examination Video

Slit Lamp Examination (Biomicroscopy)

IACLE is pleased to offer members an instructional video covering the use of the slit-lamp biomicroscope. The video is available in Cantonese and English and was created and produced by the Hong Kong Optometric Association for its members.

English version production was supported by CooperVision. As you will be aware, CooperVision is also a significant IACLE sponsor.

IACLE would like to thank the Hong Kong association and CooperVision for their contribution to contact lens education.

Watch these videos on IACLE’s YouTube channel…

English video

Cantonese video







Third IACLE World Congress Lectures

Third IACLE World Congress Videos

The following 16 videos are of lectures presented during the Third IACLE World Congress (WC3) May 24-26, 2015 Manchester U.K.

Click on the clips below to watch the footage on IACLE’s YouTube channel.

Smart Tools for Efficient Learning – presented by Philip Morgan
Getting Contact Lenses Prominent in Our Programs – presented by Craig Woods
Sponsor symposium – J&J presented by Ian Davies
How to Inspire Our Optometric Students – presented by Patrick Caroline
   Blended Learning Approaches – presented by Shehzad Naroo & Fabrizio Zeri
   Transforming the Learning Space with Tablets – keynote speaker Joe Moretti
   Transforming Existing Materials to Enhance the Learning Space – keynote speaker Joe Moretti
   Sponsor symposium – Alcon – presented by Dwight Akerman

 How Can Educators Grow CL Penetration Around the World?

The ‘And’ Opportunity – presented by Helmer Schweizer


 How Can Educators Grow CL Penetration Around the World?

What is the role of education in keeping people in contact lenses? presented by Ian Davies

   Choosing Effective Delivery Systems – presented by Catherine Suttle
   Learning Delivery Systems – presented by Ian Miller & Ian Hutt
   Sponsor symposium – CooperVision – presented by Dwight Akerman
   Hands-On with Nearpod – presented by Ian Miller
   Envisioning the Future Potential of Educational Technology – keynote speaker Helen Crompton
   What I Will Do Differently – WC3 delegates discuss how the congress has influenced their future teaching



Lectures on Film

Filmed Lectures (Various)

The following clips are lectures filmed during the IACLE member’s meeting at the 2009 BCLA.  These are great resources offering a range of information such as teaching tips and methods, e-learning and new technologies and how to utilize IACLE resources.  Click the following titles to watch these clips…

How NOT to Give a Lecture by Dr Shehzad Naroo (IACLE Vice President)

Novel Teaching by Dr Christine Purslow (FIACLE)

Teaching Techniques by Sarah Morgan

Videos In Teaching by Prof James Wolffsohn

Innovations in e-learning

Clinical Assessment by Dr Gina Sobara

‘Wiki’ by Dr Phil Morgan

IACLE Case Reports by Dr Lewis Williams


IACLE Video Library (on DVD)

IACLE Video Library (on DVD)

The IACLE Video Library is a DVD of selected professional educational videos from the original series released by IACLE on video tape.  Most of the video clips have been supplied to IACLE by either the RGP Lens Institute (USA) or the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association (USA).

The videos have professional voice-overs (English only) and can be used as-is in the class room or small tutorial groups, or could be loaned to students as an aid to self-paced learning.  Each video includes suitable headings where relevant or when key points are being made.

The topics covered are:

CL Biomicroscopy


Lensometry (Focimetry)


  • Fluorescein Pattern Evaluation
  • Modification
  • Verification
  • Volumes 1 & 2 of GP CL Clinical Pearls

The DVD provides just over 1 hour of educational material.

Please note that IACLE is unable to supply any of the other videos that appeared in the original video tape collections (Tapes 101 to 107) because of the deterioration of the relevant original analogue master tapes (over more than 15 years).  For the same reason, we are also unable to re-release our original tape collections.

To download click here

Note: The Video Library (on DVD) is in .iso format (3.8 GB). You can download and ‘burn’ a DVD copy using several free DVD burning programs with the instructions below.

Windows Instructions:  Windows 7 users may also just right-click on the downloaded ISO file and choose “Burn Disc Image”. Alternatively, you may download ImgBurn and burn the ISO with that free software.

Mac OS X Instructions: Mac users can use Disk Utility located in Applications > Utilities and selecting “Burn”.