Member-Driven Meetings Initiative

About Member-Driven Meetings

We are thrilled to announce a new initiative exclusively available for IACLE members: the Member-Driven Meetings. This initiative aims to provide an opportunity for members to meet, organize and host meetings at conferences where IACLE gatherings typically do not take place. The objective is to extend IACLE’s presence beyond the countries where we are currently active, with the goal of extending our global reach.

By introducing this initiative, we aim to align with IACLE’s mission to increase the number of qualified contact lens educators, improve the quality of teaching, and increase the number of skilled contact lens practitioners worldwide.

The purpose of the Member-Driven Meetings Initiative is to:

  • Create opportunities for members and potential members to network and engage in discussions about contact lens education in regions where IACLE gatherings typically do not take place
  • Encourage conversations on ways to maximize the benefits of IACLE membership
  • Increase awareness of the most recent IACLE news and activities
  • Establish a platform for local members to explore potential future IACLE initiatives in specific countries and relay feedback to IACLE for consideration
  • Boost membership and member engagement in IACLE programs and the utilization of IACLE resources
  • Extend IACLE’s presence in new countries

Member-Driven Meeting Types

We have developed a two-tier system catering to different types of Member-Driven Meetings to support our hosting members:

Networking Member-Driven Meetings

  • Brief gatherings, ideally over a coffee or lunch break
  • Offer an opportunity to connect with fellow members from your region
  • Facilitate networking, new connections, and share experiences with other educators
  • IACLE will provide discussion points

Immersive/Interactive Member-Driven Meetings

  • More extensive meetings, lasting a minimum of three hours
  • Offer an opportunity to connect and engage with fellow members from your region
  • Facilitate networking, new connections, and share experiences with other educators
  • A platform for members to voice their ideas within a network of educators and lead their own meeting
  • Hosting members will receive guidance and support from IACLE, including materials such as PowerPoint presentations, handouts, agendas and templates
  • IACLE funding may be available depending on the request (a detailed budget is required after approval of your application)

How to Conduct a Member-Driven Meeting

IACLE invites interested members to apply to host a Member-Driven meeting. Once approved, we will provide materials depending on the meeting type to accommodate various schedules and preferences, along with other support from IACLE. Please note that this initiative is designed for members to facilitate meetings in the absence of IACLE staff.

By hosting a Member-Driven Meeting, members will:

  • Receive a letter of appreciation from IACLE
  • Be acknowledged in our monthly newsletters
  • Be recognized on our social media platforms

Expectations and Outcomes

  • Reach out to members in your region to find out if they are attending upcoming
  • If required, seek support from conference organizers for assistance with incidentals such as a meeting space or audio-visual equipment
  • Submit a budget for consideration once your application has been approved (Immersive/Interactive Member-Driven Meeting only)
  • Post-meeting: provide a report with accompanying photos
  • Funding allocation will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may include partial support, including an extra night of accommodation or other meeting-related expenses deemed necessary

Apply to conduct a Member-Driven Meeting

Please submit your application to your Regional Coordinator / IACLE office:

Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator: Cheni Lee –
China: Wang Haiying
Korea: Kyounghee Park
India: Lakshmi Shinde
Americas: Guillermo Carrillo
Europe/Africa/Middle East and North America: Siobhan Allen

IACLE Video Library Intro

IACLE Video Library (on DVD)

The IACLE Video Library is a DVD of selected professional educational videos from the original series released by IACLE on video tape.  Most of the video clips have been supplied to IACLE by either the RGP Lens Institute (USA) or the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association (USA).

The videos have professional voice-overs (English only) and can be used as-is in the class room or small tutorial groups, or could be loaned to students as an aid to self-paced learning.  Each video includes suitable headings where relevant or when key points are being made.

The topics covered are:

CL Biomicroscopy


Lensometry (Focimetry)


  • Fluorescein Pattern Evaluation
  • Modification
  • Verification
  • Volumes 1 & 2 of GP CL Clinical Pearls

The DVD provides just over 1 hour of educational material.

Please note that IACLE is unable to supply any of the other videos that appeared in the original video tape collections (Tapes 101 to 107) because of the deterioration of the relevant original analogue master tapes (over more than 15 years).  For the same reason, we are also unable to re-release our original tape collections.


The New ICLC

The IACLE Contact Lens Course (ICLC) is the longest established, most popular and most important of IACLE’s teaching resources, and is used by its members in educational institutions worldwide.

As of 2015 the course has been fully revised and updated by the world’s leading authorities in contact lenses, to keep pace with developments in the contact lens field.

The New ICLC covers all aspects of contact lens education – from the anatomy of the cornea to the business of contact lens practice – in just six modules and 33 lectures in PowerPoint format. It provides educators with the materials needed to teach a high-quality contact lens course, and is also suitable for students and practitioners. 


 This course is available exclusively to members and is free of charge. If you would like access to the course and qualify to join IACLE, please apply for membership.


Free sample lecture from the New ICLC:

Click here to download sample lecture

Course Modules & Lectures

A. The Basics of Contact Lenses

A1    Anatomy and Physiology of the Anterior Eye
A2    History of Contact Lenses
A3    Optics of Contact Lenses
A4    Contact Lens Designs
A5    Contact Lens Fabrication
A6    Corneal Oxygenation in Contact Lens Wear

B. Contact Lens Fitting

B1    Examining the Prospective Contact Lens Patient
B2    Selecting Lens Type, Wear Mode and Replacement Rate
B3    Fitting Spherical GP Contact Lenses
B4    Fitting Spherical Soft Contact Lenses
B5    Correcting Astigmatism with Contact Lenses
B6    Fitting SiHy CLs
B7    The Dispensing Visit and After-Care
B8    Contact Lenses for Sports
B9    Presbyopic Contact Lens Options

C. Contact Lens Care

C1    Contact Lens Contamination
C2    CL Care and CL Care Products
C3    Rigid CL Care
C4    Hydrogel and Silicone Hydrogel CL Care

D. Complications

D1    Defending the Ocular Surface in Contact Lens Wear
D2    Rigid Contact Lens Complications
D3    Soft Contact Lens Complications
D4    Dry Eye and Contact Lenses – coming soon

E. Advanced Contact Lens Practice

E1    Children and Contact Lenses
E2    Fitting Scleral and Mini-Scleral Contact Lenses
E3    Myopia Control and Orthokeratology
E4    Contact Lenses for Keratoconus
E5    Special Applications of Contact Lenses
E6    Advanced Clinical Techniques
E7    Business Aspects of Contact Lens Practice

F. Myopia and its Management

F1    Emmetropization in the Context of Myopia
F2    Methods of Controlling Myopia
F3    Contact Lenses for Myopia Control

Access the member login to download the New ICLC

Editors and acknowledgments click here

Course Content

Lectures:  A series of text, diagrammatic, picture, and/or video slides arranged logically to lead the ‘student’ (student, educator, or practitioner) to a greater understanding of the lecture topic by presenting the underlying principles sequentially. Most slides are accompanied by explanations and relevant references in PowerPoint’s Notes panel. In some lectures, Appendices that detail related but not necessarily mainstream information, are hot-linked within a slide. A related hot-link in the Appendix returns the user to the originating slide.


  • The PowerPoint format enables the educator to create a lecture, a whole subject, or a whole curriculum, easily and flexibly
  • Most educators will find that the New ICLC covers all aspects of the contact lens curriculum and more
  • Many presentations will be selected modules and lectures from the New ICLC as few contact lens courses can accommodate all the material it offers
  • Educators can select the topics required for course, institution, or country requirements. Enables the delivery of a contact lens course at a level appropriate to local needs
  • The use of an electronic format and a single source (IACLE) means that files can be updated or corrected relatively easily and frequently, all at no cost and minimal inconvenience to end users


Example Slides

Previous Formats

The original IACLE Contact Lens Course was available on DVD-ROM in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Spanish and Bahasa.

IACLE has phased out the DVD and it is no longer for sale. However, copies may be archived in IACLE Resource Centres which are run by our members at various institutes worldwide. 

A print version (PDF) of the original course is offered to members via the Member Login of our website.

Translated versions of the original course modules and / or selections of PowerPoint slides are also available in the Member Login section in Korean (module 3 print format, plus selected PPT slides), German (selected PPT slides), Russian (selected PPT slides) and Portuguese (selected PPT slides).

Our Programs

IACLE runs a number of programs that have been developed to improve the quality of contact lens teaching and increase the number of skilled contact lens practitioners worldwide.

Fellow of IACLE – apply now


How to Apply for FIACLE Status

If you are an IACLE member and meet the terms and conditions of the FIACLE program you may apply to join the FIACLE program.

Once your application is approved, to maintain your FIACLE status members must continue to meet the terms and conditions of the program otherwise their FIACLE status will expire and they may no longer use the FIACLE title.


FIACLE Application Process

Please submit your application form to your regional/country IACLE office.

FIACLE Certificate

Upon approval into the program each FIACLE receives a certificate along with an official letter of approval from IACLE’s President.