IACLE Congresses

IACLE has conducted four prestigious World Congresses and one Regional Congress on Contact Lens Education, bringing members together to discuss the latest developments in teaching and technology worldwide.

2023 4th IACLE World Congress on ‘Contact Lens Education for the Practitioner of the Future’ read more

2017 IACLE Regional Congress on ‘Putting Education into Practice’ read more

2015 3rd IACLE World Congress on ‘Shaping the Future of Contact Lens Education’ read more

2000 2nd IACLE World Congress on ‘Contact Lens Education’ view the brochure

1994 1st IACLE World Congress on ‘Contact Lens Education’ read the report

The 1994 and 2000 Congresses were held at the Centre for Contact Lens Research and School of Optometry at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Feedback from our members:

WC3 have marked a breaking point on my thinking about education. I have learnt that the main role of an educator is to facilitate learning and must able to use all educational tools available, such technology tools. Meaningful learning is the goal. Now, I am working on tailoring a course to be delivered through Nearpod and measure impact over students. I have met other educators in my institution to share this information and to apply apps like Nearpod or Socrative. The impact has been very good and the group have a lot of curiosity on continuous working on this.

Rolando Rojas, Escuela Superior de Optica y Optometria, Peru

I gained a lot from the meeting. I am very grateful to IACLE for this opportunity. First, I learned many new methods in teaching, such as how to use smart tools, inspire students and adopt blended learning approaches. Second, through the three contact lens companies that presented, I know more about the contact lens market, new products and new technologies. I’m looking forward to the future development of optical technology. Finally, I met many new friends from other countries.

Tang Ping, Tongren Hospital, Beijing, China

I must say the meeting exceeded my expectations. I was thrilled with the personal learning outcomes I obtained.

Craig Woods, Deakin University, Australia