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Click the titles below to view the articles contributed by IACLE members and friends:

Effects of three months of soft contact lens wear on conjunctival cytology – FIACLE Kishor Sapkota, Educator Member Dr Madalena Lira

Common symptoms of Nepalese soft contact lens wearers – a pilot study – FIACLE Kishor Sapkota, Educator Member Dr Madalena Lira

How to be a happy and successful contact lens wearer – May2015 ECLF

Contact Lenses, the Internet & You – Consumer Guidelines 2015 ECLF

The Truth about Contact Lenses – May2015 ECLF

‘Temporal Stability in the Perception of Dry Eye Ocular Discomfort Symptoms’ – FIACLE Lluïsa Quevedo

‘Base Curve Influence on the Fitting and Comfort of the Senofilcon A Contact Lens‘ -FIACLE Javier González-Cavada

‘Clinical Performance of a Daily Disposable, Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens’ – FIACLE David Ruston

‘Opening Our Eyes Up to New Toric Insights’ – FIACLE Ian Pyzer
‘UV: Why Worry?’ – FIACLE Ian Pyzer
‘Cutting Edge Toric Contact Lens Research‘ – FIACLE Ian Pyzer

‘Contact Lens Options for Keratoconus’ – Member Narendra Kumar

‘Anti-Microbial Surfaces and Materials’ – FIACLE Babu Noushad

‘Attitudes Towards Contact Lenses: A Comparative Study of Teenagers and Their Parents’ – FIACLE Fabrizio Zeri

‘Attitudes Towards Visual Correction in Sport: What Coaches, Physical Education Teachers and Sports Physicians Think’ – FIACLE Fabrizio Zeri

Micorbial Contamination – Nepal CEO Article – FIACLE Prakash Paudel

Knowledge and use of tear film evaluation tests by Spanish practitioners – FIACLEs Luisa Quevedo & Carmen Seres Reves

Temporal stability in the perception of dry eye – FIACLE Lluisa Quevedo

Blink Rate, Blink Amplitude, and Tear Film, Integrity during Dynamic Visual Display, Terminal Tasks – FIACLE Carmen Seres Reves

‘Contact Lens Induced Dry Eye’ – a review – FIACLE Pravin Tellakula

‘Contact Lens Compliance Among A Group of Young, University-Based Lens Users in South India’ – FIACLE Babu Noushad

TVCI UK Compliance Not Complacency – FIACLE Jane Veys

Contact Lens Practice In Ghana; Wear Demography and Characteristics – FIACLE Alex Ilechie

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