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EBT Report

Call to IACLE members to register their interest in authoring an EBT report

Would you like to contribute to and author an evidence-based teaching (EBT) report? We are looking for IACLE members to get involved with a new and exciting project! 

IACLE colleagues agree that there is a gap in the contact lens literature related to evidence-based teaching. We believe that as a team, we can utilize our expertise to write a report specific to contact lens education. As contact lens educators, we should look at not only the extent of the content taught within contact lenses, but the best-validated tools and techniques to transfer the knowledge and practical skills to train future contact lens practitioners.

Chaired by IACLE Vice President Professor Shehzad Naroo and EAME Regional Director Dr Fabrizio Zeri, we invite IACLE members to get involved with this project. Once members have registered their interest, the group will assign a topic from a selection of suggested areas to each author. Please see list of suggested areas here.

We envisage the report to be ~6,000-8,000 words, with each author contributing around 1,000 words. Everyone involved in writing the report can include their name on the output paper that IACLE will submit to a peer-reviewed journal. The key part of the report is to have numerous references to support the writing and provide the evidence base. The deadline for completing a section is the end of November 2023

We hope to present the findings at our 4th World Congress in June 2023. 

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Professor Shehzad Naroo at by the end of August.