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Special Notice – Fellowship Exam & FIACLE Status

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Fellowship Exam and FIACLE status information

For members considering sitting this year’s Fellowship Examination, please note the following points about the process:

  • The exam is exclusively available to IACLE members
  • A successful outcome of the exam qualifies members to apply to become a Fellow of IACLE (FIACLE), provided they have held IACLE membership for at least one year and meet the terms and conditions
  • FIACLE status is approved by IACLE’s Board of Directors
  • The FIACLE status is valid for three years before a member must apply to renew their status
  • This year’s Fellowship Exam will be hosted on IACLETOP, where you can also find helpful resources to assist you in the preparation of the exam 
  • The exam is based on the content of the IACLE Contact Lens Course (ICLC)
  • Members are encouraged to prepare by completing the Distance Learning Program

For an IACLE member to be awarded Fellow of IACLE (FIACLE) status, they must:

  • Have successfully completed the Fellowship Exam
  • Hold IACLE membership for at least one year
  • Continue to qualify as an IACLE member
  • Be a financial member (fees are paid up to date)
  • Promote IACLE educational goals and objectives
  • Continue to contribute to contact lens education
  • Participate in programs that advance contact lens education
  • Renew their FIACLE status every three years by completing a ‘Declaration of Participation’ form

To register for the Fellowship Exam, or if you have any further questions, please contact your IACLE Representative.