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FIACLEs – Alcon’s Image Collection

Alcon (CIBA Vision) has generously offered our FIACLEs access to their online image library and are encouraged to not only access images but also to help to grow the site by donating their own images.

In order to gain access Alcon requests your contact details such as your name, business name, email address and the region you are from.

Please forward your request including your details direct the IACLE secretariat:  We will in turn send your request onto Alcon once your FIACLE status has been verified (requests are tallied and provided to Alcon on a monthly basis so there may be a short delay in receiving your access codes from Alcon). 

Please note, once we provide Alcon (CIBA Vision) with your contact information, they are responsible for setting up and managing your access.   When you are donating your images, they are uploaded directly to the site.  If you need to report any technical issues, please do so by using the link provided on the site.

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