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Free Student Area Registration

Register now for a Student Area free of charge

In 2021, we introduced the Student Area, a space on IACLETOP with the tools to allow educators to produce individual teaching content and assessments while streamlining and integrating IACLE resources, acting as your own online Learning Management System.

To give you a chance to try the area and to see if this resource enhances your teaching, we are offering complimentary access for one year to our members who haven’t yet registered for a Student Area. 

Key benefits of the Student Area: 

  • Deliver the Student Trial Exam (STE) as 50 or 100 multiple-choice questions from a pool of randomized exam questions. 
  • Utilize the Basic Student Trial Exam (B-STE), comprised of assessments set at entry level, designed to assess students at the beginning of their contact lens journey to highlight knowledge and understanding of the required basics.
  • Integrate the Case Report Series and Flashcards into your teaching either as self-directed learning or as a flipped class environment.
  • Student access to the IACLE Contact Lens Course (ICLC) and IACLE Global Webinar recordings, available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Bahasa. 

Watch a video on how to navigate the Student Area

For more information and benefits on the Student Area, read the fact sheets in:

Bahasa – Chinese – English – Korean – Spanish

For those with existing Student Areas, from 2023 the fees will be as follows:

  • PPP1 – $4 per student
  • PPP2 – $8 per student
  • PPP3 – $12 per student

We calculate our fees based on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), a pricing structure based on country economic demographics. 

Please see our fee structure here for more information.

FIACLE Ankit Varshney commented on his experience using a Student Area, ‘We have found the Student Area to be a very effective and easy to use tool, for both educating students and conducting the Student Trial Exam. From the students’ perspective, sitting the STE was a great experience for them to explore various features. The Student Area provided access to the Case Reports, Flashcards, videos, presentations and much more. Finally, we would like to thank IACLE for creating IACLETOP and for making life easy for contact lens educators.’

If you are interested in registering for a Student Area, please complete the registration form

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Kavitha Jayanna at