IACLE Ambassador Program

Background and Responsibilities

IACLE currently employs part-time educational staff as country and regional coordinators who work to assist local members, execute various programs, and offer guidance on how to utilize educational resources effectively. They are supported by part- and full-time administrative staff to manage the day-to-day operations.

IACLE organizes its global operations into three main regions of focus, each managed differently:

  1. Asia Pacific: This region is overseen by a regional director, with regional and country coordinators and operational support in China, Korea and India.
  2. Americas: This region is overseen by a regional director, with a regional coordinator and operations support. Focus is primarily on Latin America.
  3. Europe/Africa/Middle East: This region is overseen by a regional director with operational support

Now, we are extending an invitation to our members to volunteer their support in countries that do not have dedicated IACLE staff and where a need has been identified. By doing so, they will help us achieve the following:

  • Identify new institutions and educators: Reach out to potential institutions within the country and make contact with suitable educators to promote IACLE membership
  • Assist with the application process: Support new educators in the membership application process and assist staff in verifying information, as well as following up on annual membership renewals
  • Collect local activity ideas: Communicate with members to gather ideas and information about local activities that can be shared with the IACLE Team and potentially used in promotional materials
  • Organize IACLE meetings: Arrange and facilitate Member Initiated Meetings under the IACLE banner
  • Promote the DLP and Fellowship Exam: Encourage members to undertake the Distance Learning Program (DLP) and sit the Fellowship Exam, to gain their Fellow of IACLE (FIACLE) status
  • Assist with translation: Provide assistance in translating resources and communications
  • Conference representation: When speaking at conferences, both nationally and internationally, actively promote IACLE and contribute to the recruitment of potential members
  • Market information reporting: As needed, report on information regarding the local contact lens market
  • Industry communication: Any communication with industry partners regarding IACLE activities should be relayed to the IACLE Board through the CEO
  • Regular collaboration: Schedule virtual meetings with IACLE staff every three months to discuss local issues and align them with global initiatives

By volunteering in these capacities, IACLE Ambassadors will be instrumental in expanding our reach and furthering our mission to enhance contact lens education around the globe.


To become an IACLE Ambassador, a member must meet specific criteria:

Membership eligibility: The member must have held full or associate membership with IACLE and maintained good standing for a minimum of two years.
Active participation: The member should actively engage in IACLE programs and make effective use of IACLE resources.

Typically, the process for selecting an IACLE Ambassador involves identification and appointment by the IACLE Board or staff. However, members who aspire to take on this role should also feel encouraged to express their interest and apply to become an IACLE Ambassador.


The IACLE Ambassador role will undergo an annual review to determine the incumbent’s level of activity and fulfilment of the role’s responsibilities.

Current IACLE Ambassadors:

Asia Pacific:

Malaysia – Mutahir Shah
Philippines – Maria Concepcion Anda
Singapore – Chee Kong Ho
Taiwan – Benson Wen-Pin Lin
Pakistan – Memoona Arshad & Mutahir Shah
Vietnam – Minh Ahn Tran

Europe / Africa / Middle East:

Spain – Raquel Gil-Cazorla
Africa – Elizabeth Chetty
Middle East – May Bakkar


Selected Ambassadors will receive a formal letter of recognition, which they can share with their institution or local association to confirm their role and responsibilities. Their position will also be acknowledged in IACLE’s promotional materials and communications. Additionally, updates on their activities will be featured in the Global Member Newsletters and the annual Activity Summary.

If you are interested in becoming an IACLE Ambassador, please contact your IACLE Representative or email us at iacle@iacle.org.