IACLE Video Library Intro

IACLE Video Library (on DVD)

The IACLE Video Library is a DVD of selected professional educational videos from the original series released by IACLE on video tape.  Most of the video clips have been supplied to IACLE by either the RGP Lens Institute (USA) or the Contact Lens Manufacturers Association (USA).

The videos have professional voice-overs (English only) and can be used as-is in the class room or small tutorial groups, or could be loaned to students as an aid to self-paced learning.  Each video includes suitable headings where relevant or when key points are being made.

The topics covered are:

CL Biomicroscopy


Lensometry (Focimetry)


  • Fluorescein Pattern Evaluation
  • Modification
  • Verification
  • Volumes 1 & 2 of GP CL Clinical Pearls

The DVD provides just over 1 hour of educational material.

Please note that IACLE is unable to supply any of the other videos that appeared in the original video tape collections (Tapes 101 to 107) because of the deterioration of the relevant original analogue master tapes (over more than 15 years).  For the same reason, we are also unable to re-release our original tape collections.

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