Member-Driven Meetings Initiative

About Member-Driven Meetings

We are thrilled to announce a new initiative exclusively available for IACLE members: the Member-Driven Meetings. This initiative aims to provide an opportunity for members to meet, organize and host meetings at conferences where IACLE gatherings typically do not take place. The objective is to extend IACLE’s presence beyond the countries where we are currently active, with the goal of extending our global reach.

By introducing this initiative, we aim to align with IACLE’s mission to increase the number of qualified contact lens educators, improve the quality of teaching, and increase the number of skilled contact lens practitioners worldwide.

The purpose of the Member-Driven Meetings Initiative is to:

  • Create opportunities for members and potential members to network and engage in discussions about contact lens education in regions where IACLE gatherings typically do not take place
  • Encourage conversations on ways to maximize the benefits of IACLE membership
  • Increase awareness of the most recent IACLE news and activities
  • Establish a platform for local members to explore potential future IACLE initiatives in specific countries and relay feedback to IACLE for consideration
  • Boost membership and member engagement in IACLE programs and the utilization of IACLE resources
  • Extend IACLE’s presence in new countries

Member-Driven Meeting Types

We have developed a two-tier system catering to different types of Member-Driven Meetings to support our hosting members:

Networking Member-Driven Meetings

  • Brief gatherings, ideally over a coffee or lunch break
  • Offer an opportunity to connect with fellow members from your region
  • Facilitate networking, new connections, and share experiences with other educators
  • IACLE will provide discussion points

Immersive/Interactive Member-Driven Meetings

  • More extensive meetings, lasting a minimum of three hours
  • Offer an opportunity to connect and engage with fellow members from your region
  • Facilitate networking, new connections, and share experiences with other educators
  • A platform for members to voice their ideas within a network of educators and lead their own meeting
  • Hosting members will receive guidance and support from IACLE, including materials such as PowerPoint presentations, handouts, agendas and templates
  • IACLE funding may be available depending on the request (a detailed budget is required after approval of your application)

How to Conduct a Member-Driven Meeting

IACLE invites interested members to apply to host a Member-Driven meeting. Once approved, we will provide materials depending on the meeting type to accommodate various schedules and preferences, along with other support from IACLE. Please note that this initiative is designed for members to facilitate meetings in the absence of IACLE staff.

By hosting a Member-Driven Meeting, members will:

  • Receive a letter of appreciation from IACLE
  • Be acknowledged in our monthly newsletters
  • Be recognized on our social media platforms

Expectations and Outcomes

  • Reach out to members in your region to find out if they are attending upcoming
  • If required, seek support from conference organizers for assistance with incidentals such as a meeting space or audio-visual equipment
  • Submit a budget for consideration once your application has been approved (Immersive/Interactive Member-Driven Meeting only)
  • Post-meeting: provide a report with accompanying photos
  • Funding allocation will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may include partial support, including an extra night of accommodation or other meeting-related expenses deemed necessary

Apply to conduct a Member-Driven Meeting

Please submit your application to your Regional Coordinator / IACLE office:

Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator: Cheni Lee –
China: Wang Haiying
Korea: Kyounghee Park
India: Lakshmi Shinde
Americas: Guillermo Carrillo
Europe/Africa/Middle East and North America: Siobhan Allen