Professor Luigina Sorbara – Tributes

IACLE members pay their tributes to Professor Gina Sorbara

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‘Gina’s death is premature. She wasn’t ready to retire and leave us, and we are not ready to lose her. She still had a lot to give to the optometry field, and we still had to learn a lot from her. She was a living resource of scientific knowledge, wisdom, and love. She was an inspiration, and now she has become even more so. One way to honor her is to try to live as she lived, fully and with passion. Death makes very few people immortal; Gina is one of them.’

Daddi Fadel, Italy

8 Replies to “Professor Luigina Sorbara – Tributes”

  1. I am deeply saddened by the passing away of Gina.
    During my career our paths have crossed several times at conferences etc. and that was always special. Suddenly one realizes again that life is precious gift and we all should be grateful of every day that is given to us. She is now in our memories and we should cherish those memories. By doing so she will continue to be part of us all.

  2. I am very sad to read that Gina passed away. I am happy to have known her. My deep condolences for her relatives.

  3. I am really sad that Dr Gina passed away.
    I miss Professor Gina Sorbara who always smiles and kindly helps for IACLE members.
    In my mind, Professor Gina Sorbara’s warm and open mind will always remain, and will remain as beautiful memories. Again, i am deeply grateful to Professor Gina Sorbara on hard work for the development of IACLE. I miss the beautiful appearance of serving in the development of IACLE of the professor Gina Sorbara. I always will memory to beautiful spirit of professor Gina Sorbara.

  4. I didn’t know that Gina was sick so this message comes as a shock to me! I’ve met Gina at several IACLE conferences and meetings and I was always impressed by her enthusiasm for our wonderful contact lens profession. Her family and IACLE will miss this wonderful and dedicated women. I feel really sorry that she has passed away so early. I wish her family much power and strength in the coming future without their beloved Gina.

  5. I am sad to hear of Gina’s passing away. I am proud to have worked with her at IACLE events and remember her kind, patient and friendly nature.
    We should learn from and treasure our precious memories of her.
    God bless her and all her family.

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