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Member’s students have free access in 2022

IACLETOP – Student Area – free access for member’s students in 2022

The IACLE Teaching Online Platform (IACLETOP) is IACLE’s central point for members to access our online resources, programs and teaching materials.

Member’s students gain access to IACLETOP via an area called the Student Area.

Within the Student Area our programs and resources for student’s learning are accessible to members and their students including:

  • Student Trial Exam (STE): 50 and 100 question version, plus an entry level assessment (registration details below)
  • Case Reports; as both self-directed learning and flipped classes
  • IACLE Contact Lens Course (ICLC); a student access version
  • Your own dedicated virtual class room
  • IACLE global webinars offered in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Bahasa

In future, more resources will be made available as we continue to develop this learning environment.

Learning Management System development

The Student Area also provides members with tools to develop individual teaching content and assessments. IACLE’s programs and resources available in this area can be integrated with the members’ developed resources whereas the Student Area performs as the member’s own Learning Management System (LMS).

Benefits and opportunities include:

  • Design your own course using the state-of-the-art Canvas platform
  • The individual spaces are only for your students to access the course you create
  • Integrate IACLE resources with your self developed resources
  • Access to a wide range of Canvas tools to create a customized program
  • Test and examine your students with the in-built assessment system that automatically generates grades
  • Create discussion boards for ongoing communication with students about the course
  • Calendar system to help students track deadlines and manage their time effectively
  • Deliver live, online presentations
  • Create workspaces for collaborative student learning
  • Distribute announcements to keep students updated and informed

Student Area Registration
Members who wish to register for a Student Area on IACLETOP, please complete the Student Area Registration Form and email it your IACLE Representative, along with any questions you may have.

IACLE provides the member with an invoice. Once paid, the member’s students are registered on IACLETOP and setup in IACLETOP is arranged by the IACLE member for their students. Instructions on how to do this are in IACLETOP’s Teacher’s Area. However, in 2022 we are giving free access to all Full Members and their students.

New members will be given free access to their students to access a Student Area in the first year they join.