Who Can Join & Membership Types

IACLE membership is comprised of contact lens educators from all eye care professions including optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and others, as well as industry representatives involved in education.

Membership is available to those individuals involved in contact lens education as follows:

Full-time educators who are:

  • A staff member of a recognised teaching institution
  • Significantly involved either part-time or full-time in the coordination, implementation and/or direction of the CL curriculum

Individuals who are:

  • Positively contributing to contact lens education, but are not formally affiliated with a recognised institution
  • Visiting faculty at a recognised institution
  • Actively involved in IACLE activities and the promotion of CL education, and contribute positively to the association

Industry representatives who are:

  • Actively involved in IACLE activities and the promotion of CL education, and contribute positively to the association

The IACLE Executive Board must approve all membership applications. Our members must comply with our “Code of Conduct” – download (pdf).

Membership Types

A member is classified under 1 of the following 2 membership types:

  1. Educator Member
  2. Associate Member

1. Educator Member

A person who:

(a) is significantly involved either full-time or part-time in contact lens education in any form at a recognised teaching institution

* A full description of the contact lens courses offered at your institution must be included with your application

If you do not qualify for EDUCATOR membership you may be eligible to apply for ASSOCIATE membership.

2. Associate Member

A person who is not eligible for EDUCATOR membership who:

(a) actively teaches a minimum of 20% of the contact lens course (either didactic or clinical portion)

(b) contributes positively to contact lens education, but is not affiliated with a recognised institution

(c) acts as a local professional consultant for any contact lens company

(d) actively involved in IACLE’s activities and the promotion of contact lens education

(e) contributes positively to our association (funding, donates resources, etc)

Emeritus Members

This membership status is approved on a case by case basis by our Executive Board and can be awarded to members who:

  • Have held active membership for 15 years or more who have retired and therefore are no longer teaching contact lens education (Educator Member) and or impacting contact lens education (Associate Member)

Meet a Member

Each month via our monthly member e-newsletter and social media we introduce a member.

All members of IACLE are encouraged to complete the Meet a Member questionnaire and provide a high resolution jpg (head shot, photo of you teaching etc) to be included. Apply using the fillable PDF or for members who have already taken part but would like to provide an update on what they’ve been doing for contact lens educations, please contact your local IACLE office.

Some examples from this year: