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Distance Learning Program (DLP)

Register: registration form

Issue your registration form to your local/regional IACLE office

Note – you do not need to wait for approval from IACLE to begin the course.  Just provide your DLP registration form and begin to download the course at your leisure.  We recommend completing the course within six to twelve months.

Download the DLP

The New DLP is available in English.  We are working to provide the DLP to you in a variety of other languages.  Updates on translation efforts will be provided in our monthly member newsletter letters.

Phase Assignment (click to download PDF)
Phase 1 Assignment 1
Phase 1 Assignment 2
Phase 2 Assignment 3
Phase 2 Assignment 4
Phase 2 Assignment 5
Phase 2 Assignment 6
Phase 3 Assignment 7
Phase 3 Assignment 8
Phase 3 Assignment 9
Phase 4 Assignment 10
Phase 4 Assignment 11
Phase 4 Assignment 12
Answer Sheet Template: use for completing all assignments

Submit your answer sheets, requests for feedback, inquiries to:

Asia Pacific (excluding China and Korea)
Nick Byan: IACLEadmin.ap@gmail.com

Xiaomei Qu: quxiaomei2002@126.com

Kyounghee Park: rgp0104@hanmail.net

Americas (North, Central & South America)
Carmen Carrillo: carmen.carrillo@infonegocio.net.pe

Europe/Africa/Middle East:
Nick Byan: IACLEadmin.ap@gmail.com

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