ICLC2015 Chinese (Simplified) Translation

A. The Basics of Contact Lenses

A1. Anatomy and Physiology of the Anterior Eye
A2. History of Contact Lenses
A3. Optics of Contact Lenses
A4. Contact Lens Designs
A5. Contact Lens Fabrication
A6. Corneal Oxygenation in Contact Lens Wear

B. Contact Lens Fitting

B1. Examining the Prospective Contact Lens Patient
B2. Selecting Lens Type, Wear Mode and Replacement Rate
B3. Fitting Spherical GP Contact Lenses
B4. Fitting Spherical Soft Contact Lenses
B5. Correcting Astigmatism with Contact Lenses
B6. Fitting Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses
B7. The Dispensing Visit and After Care
B8. Contact Lenses for Sports
B9. Presbyopic Contact Lens Options

C. Contact Lens Care

C1. Contact Lens Contamination & Lens Deposits
C2. Contact Lens Care and Contact Lens Care Products
C3. Rigid Contact Lens Care
C4. Silicone Hydrogel and Hydrogel Contact Lens Care

D. Complications

D1. Defending the Ocular Surface in Contact Lens Wear
D2. Rigid Contact Lens Complications
D3. Soft Contact Lens Complications
D4. Dry Eye and Contact Lenses

E. Advanced Contact Lens Practice

E1. Children and Contact Lenses
E2. Fitting Scleral and Miniscleral Contact Lenses
E3. Myopia Control and Orthokeratology
E4. Contact Lenses for Keratoconus
E5. Special Applications of Contact Lenses
E6. Advance Techniques and Instrumentation
E7. Business Aspects of Contact Lens Practice

F. Myopia and its Management

F1. Emmetropization in the Context of Myopia
F2. Methods of Controlling Myopia
F3. Contact Lenses for Myopia Control