IACLE’s By-laws, Policies, Terms and Conditions

IACLE’s By-laws

Download (PDF) IACLE’s By-laws

Membership Policies

By joining IACLE or renewing my IACLE membership, I confirm that I will abide by the terms, conditions, and policies of membership. I understand that failure to comply with this will jeopardize my membership. Details here.

Fellow of IACLE (FIACLE) Policies

As a Fellow of IACLE, I confirm that I agree to the terms, conditions, and policies of Fellowship. Details here.

Use of Name and Logo

The IACLE brand, including our name and logo, is the sole property of the International Association of Contact Lens Educators Inc. Unauthorized use – such as by commercial organizations or events – is prohibited, except with the express written permission from the Association’s Executive Officers or their designate. If you wish to request permission to use the IACLE logo, other than for personal use in a non-commercial resource or presentation, please contact Bonnie Boshart, IACLE Chief Executive Officer, at b.boshart@iacle.org.

IACLE offers a member and FIACLE logo for use exclusively by our members / FIACLEs for personal presentations and e-signatures. Contact IACLE Executive Manager of Global Operations Siobhan Allen at s.allen@iacle.org to request the logo.

Unauthorized use of the IACLE brand may result in expulsion as a member of the Association.

Content Disclaimer

Content shared in discussion forums or chat areas are not approved or endorsed by IACLE. The views and opinions expressed by members in these areas are their own and we are not responsible for the content or accuracy of the information that may be shared.

Social Media Policy

We reserve the right to remove any content from our social media platforms that we deem to be offensive or inappropriate. IACLE is not responsible for any content discussed or shared in external chat groups (i.e., WhatsApp). All communication from IACLE is sent via email. We ask that respect is shown to others’ views and opinions on our social media channels.

Return/Refund Policy

As a general policy, IACLE does not provide refunds for membership dues or program fees. Refunds will be processed if IACLE has made an error when charging fees. 

Security Policy

Email Security

“Phishing” is a scam designed to steal your personal information. If you receive an email from IACLE (or one that looks like it is from us) asking you for your personal information, please do not respond. We will never request your password, username, credit card information or other sensitive personal information through email.

Retention & Deletion

Your personal information is kept only as long as needed to fulfill the reasonable business purposes for which it was collected or for legal compliance. When no longer needed for these purposes, your personal information is appropriately destroyed.

Information Security

We work hard to protect IACLE and our users from unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of information we hold by using secure encrypted electronic certificates.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us, and maintaining your trust and confidence is one of our highest priorities. We respect your right to keep your personal information confidential and understand your desire to avoid unwanted solicitations. We hope that by taking a few minutes to read the following policy, you will have a better understanding of what we do with the information you provide us and how we keep it private and secure.

A. Type(s) of Information We Collect

We limit collection of personal information to the amount reasonably necessary for the purpose or purposes for which it was collected. We obtain information ONLY with your authorization. We use that information to create or renew your membership.

B. Parties to Whom We Disclose Information

As a general rule, we do NOT disclose personal information about our members or former members with anyone.

We will ONLY share personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of IACLE when we have your written consent to do so. Please contact Bonnie Boshart, IACLE Chief Executive Officer at b.boshart@iacle.org. if you have any questions .


Please note that you can unsubscribe to our news and special notice emails at any time by using the Unsubscribe link on our mailings.

Changes to our Policy

Changes to policies will be posted on this page with notification made in our monthly newsletter.

Our policy was last modified on 28 October 2021.

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please contact us at iacle@iacle.org