Staff & Structure

The Employees of IACLE

Representing the Board of Directors, the IACLE Executive Management Team provides direction to the Regional/National Coordinators. Together they work closely with educators to identify educational needs and to drive educational programs and resource development.

IACLE Executive Management

Chief Executive Officer
Bonnie Boshart
Alberta, Canada

Executive Manager of Global Education
Lakshmi Shinde
Bangalore, India

Executive Manager of Educational Programs
Nilesh Thite
Pune, India

Executive Manager of Educational Development
Professor Craig Woods
Brisbane, Australia

Executive Manager of Global Operations
Siobhan Allen
Sydney, Australia

Regional / National Coordinators

Americas Regional Coordinator
Guillermo Carrillo Lima, Peru

Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator
Cheni Lee
Jakarta, Indonesia

China National Coordinator
Wang Haiying
Tianjin, China

China National Coordinator
Sun Tiejing Tianjin, China

Korea National Coordinator
Kyounghee Park
Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea


Administrator: LMS & AP Operations
Kavitha Jayanna
Bangalore, India

Asia Pacific Administrator
Nick Byan
Jakarta, Indonesia

China Administrator
Wang Cuiying
Tianjin, China

Americas Administrator
Carmen Carrillo
Lima, Peru


Communications Specialist
Amelia Morgan
Leeds, United Kingdom

Organization Chart