Our Approach To Education

IACLE uses a four-step educational focus model approach to educating contact lens educators. We continue to enhance contact lens education through this model by:

STEP 1: The Foundation of Contact Lens Knowledge

  • Assessment of educator knowledge and skills to guide the development of educational tools
  • Development of an international standard contact lens course curriculum – the “IACLE Contact Lens Course”
  • Implement the IACLE Contact Lens Course in all institutions
  • Provide educators with the knowledge & techniques to improve their contact lens teaching methodologies – teach them general knowledge through “how to teach”

STEP 2: The Measure and Gauge of Success

  • Measure baseline educator knowledge through the IACLE Accreditation Examination, conducted bi-annually
  • Through the Student Trial Examinations, prepare students for their final year examinations and offer the educator feedback on areas where their contact lens course is lacking
  • Collect data regarding practitioner demographics and contact lens fitting patterns through the ‘graduate survey’

STEP 3: IACLE Education and Remediation Programs

  • Achieving Fellow of IACLE (FIACLE)
  • Work individually with educators to upgrade their knowledge so that they can successfully achieve FIACLE status
  • Develop the Distance Learning Program (DLP) as a means of self-study
  • Design intensive training programs to rapidly raise the level of knowledge and skill in target countries

STEP 4: IACLE Ongoing Support to Educators

  • Provide ongoing educational/teaching resources
  • Establish an academic network to provide ongoing professional news and scientific information
  • Provide the opportunity for educators to participate in educational meetings and workshops, targeting areas of weakness and giving them the opportunity to improve their teaching skills
  • Facilitate relationships between industry and educational institutions
  • Encourage FIACLE’s to reinvest the knowledge they have gained through IACLE and to become involved in the development and presentation of continuing education to other educators and practitioners in their regions