Distance Learning Program

The DLP is offered to IACLE members, it is a self-study program, based on the IACLE Contact Lens Course, designed to improve educator’s contact lens knowledge to assist with their teaching. Recommended preparation for the IACLE Fellowship Exam

  • A self-study program
  • Designed to improve the contact lens knowledge of educators and assist them in their contact lens teaching endeavors
  • Administered online via IACLETOP

Who can participate in the DLP?

  • All IACLE members free of charge
  • Members have access to the DLP via IACLETOP

Who does IACLE recommend this program for?

All members of IACLE, in particular those who are:

Why complete the DLP?

The DLP has been designed as a study aid for the IACLE Contact Lens Course (ICLC).  It guides the member through the course module-by-module.  After working through each major section of the course, the member completes an assignment related to the just-completed section and submits it to IACLE for marking and relevant feedback.  Once results are provided, the member moves onto the next phase and this cycle is repeated until all modules of the ICLC have been covered and all phases of the DLP are completed.

The DLP is a ideal way to prepare for the IACLE Fellowship Exam.  Upon successful completion of the Fellowship Exam, members are eligible to apply for Fellow of IACLE (FIACLE).

DLP Content and Format

The program consists of 4 phases:

  • Each phase requires the completion of 2 to 4 assignments
  • Assignments are in the form of multiple-choice questions (MCQs)

The phases are based on the modules of the IACLE Contact Lens Course as follows:

Phase 1:
2 assignments: Module A – Basics of Contact Lenses

Phase 2:
4 assignments: Module B – Contact Lens Fitting

Phase 3:
3 assignments: Module C – Contact Lens Care & Module D – Contact Lens Complications

Phase 4:
3 assignments: Module E – Advanced Contact Lens Practice

A more detailed description of the course content, how to administer and work through it, is provided where it is available on IACLETOP.

How long does the DLP take?

As the DLP is designed to support your preparation for the Fellowship exam its schedule is as follows:

Phase 1: released April 2021; assignment 1 (week 1) and assignment 2 (week 3)

Phase 2: released May 2021; assignments 3, 4, 5 and 6 (weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Phase 3: released June 2021; assignments 7, 8 and 9 (weeks 2, 3 and 4)

Phase 4: released July 2021; assignments 10, 11 and 12 (weeks 2, 3 and 4)

Acknowledgement and thanks

Thank you to the following FIACLEs for their contributions of significant new material to the New DLP (released September 2018)

Ajay Shinde, Sankara College of Optometry, India
Rajeswari Mahadevan, Sankara Nethralaya Medical Research Foundation, India
Prema Chande, Lotus College of Optometry, India
Gauri Kunjeer Patel, Nagar School of Optometry
Anitha Arvind, Sankara College of Optometry, India
Pancham Kulkarni, Lotus College of Optometry, India

2022 update:
FIACLE Daddi Fadel – scleral lens section of the DLP