Fellowship (FIACLE) Program

What is a ‘FIACLE’?

FIACLEs are IACLE’s most active, visible and involved members.  They are recognised for their accomplishments within the global field of contact lens education.

FIACLEs are seen as leaders within their field, frequently invited to speak at educational meetings, providing practitioner and student education within their professional communities.

Purpose of This Program

With IACLE acting as the coordinating body, the FIACLE program provides a means of communication within the order of contact lens education designed to:

  • Create opportunities for FIACLEs to become known in their local/regional academic circles
  • Develop a team of FIACLEs who can provide quality practitioner and student education
  • Provides the CL education sector with an educational team who can respond to requests/needs on a local/regional level
  • Provides industry sponsors with a team of educators who they can use to assist in professional education
  • Improves contact lens education by creating the opportunity for collaboration with local/regional sources of knowledge
  • Helps create a stronger working relationships between local FIACLEs, professionals and industry

Who Can Become a FIACLE & How

FIACLEs are active IACLE members who have successfully written a IACLE Fellowship Exam.

The Fellowship Exam is open to all IACLE members and is held every 2 years.  All members who receive a successful outcome may apply to become FIACLE.

FIACLE status is approved by IACLE if the member meets the criteria of the program.

FIACLE status can not be awarded to a member until they have held active membership for at least one year. Full terms and conditions apply.

Criteria of This Program

IACLE’s Executive Board may approve an IACLE member to become a Fellow of IACLE (FIACLE) if the meet the following criteria

  • A person who has held membership for one year or more, and
  • Continues to qualify as a member, and
  • Is a financial member (fees are paid up to date), and
  • Has successfully written the Fellowship Exam (Accreditation Examination), and
  • Promotes IACLE educational goals and objectives, and
  • Continues to make a contribution to contact lens education, and
  • Participates in programs that advance contact lens education, and
  • Renew their FIACLE status every 3 years by completing a ‘Declaration of Participation’ form

Terms & Conditions

IACLE members who have been approved for FIACLE status are required to follow the terms and conditions of the FIACLE program

Achieving FIACLE status is one part of the program – maintaining this title is another…

Find out how FIACLEs maintain their FIACLE status here…

Frequently Asked Questions

If you require further information please contact your respective IACLE Office or our Secretariat on: iacle@iacle.org.