FIACLE Renewal Process

Question: How do FIACLEs maintain the use of their ‘FIACLE’ title?

Answer: FIACLE status is maintained by continuing to meet the criteria of the program and following all terms and conditions of the FIACLE program.  One of these terms is renewing your status by declaring your continued participation/contribution to contact lens education.  Renewal is requested every 3 years.

Criteria of renewal

FIACLEs associated with an institution are eligible for renewal if they:

  • Develop/deliver lectures, workshops or poster sessions to practitioners/educators
  • Submit/published journal article/book chapters
  • Participate in local/regional conferences or attended lectures/scientific sessions/webinars

FIACLEs not associated with an institution (i.e. Associate Members):
The Executive Board will consider participation in other activities that contribute to IACLE’s overall mission of delivering contact lens education.  Examples include –

  • Present at IACLE meetings
  • At the request of the Executive Board, represent IACLE to Industry
  • Develop and donate educational resources to IACLE
  • Be actively involved in research activities related to contact lenses

FIACLE program criteria overview:

  • A person who has held membership for one year or more, and
  • Continues to qualify as a member, and
  • Is a financial member (fees are paid up to date), and
  • Has successfully completed the IACLE Fellowship Exam, and
  • Promotes IACLE educational goals and objectives, and
  • Continues to make a contribution to contact lens education, and
  • Participates in programs that advance contact lens education, and
  • Renews their FIACLE status every 3 years by completing a ‘Declaration of Participation’ form

How to submit renewal

FIACLEs simply submit their renewal by completing an online questionnaire called ‘Declaration of Participation’.

Online forms:

Declaration of Participation (English)

Declaration of Participation (Spanish)

Please inform us of your educational activities to be included in our e-newsletters / social media posts. Please include high resolution photos (jpg format).

FIACLE’s contribution to the IACLE Library

Renewing FIACLEs are expected to contribute at least one educational resource to the IACLE Library (available exclusively to members accessed via IACLETOP) as evidence of their continued adherence to the FIACLE program.

This library is unique as it allows members to view the latest educational materials of their peers from around the globe.

Please provide your material to your corresponding IACLE Office or the IACLE Secretariat on including a list of your affiliates and a short biography.

Terms and conditions

FIACLEs are required to follow all the terms and conditions of the FIACLE program to keep their FIACLE status active. Members are urged to familiarize themselves with these:


Lifetime FIACLE

Fellows of IACLE who have held FIACLE status for 15 years or more are entitled to Lifetime FIACLE status as long as they hold active membership in IACLE.

Lifetime FIACLE status will remain in place under the following terms and conditions:

  1. A member must continue to qualify for membership in IACLE
  2. A member must remain a member in good standing (annual membership subscription is paid up to date)
  3. A member must continue to meet the terms and conditions of the FIACLE program

IACLE will notify members eligible for this status by letter and will provide them with a certificate.  If you believe you are eligible for this status please contact your corresponding IACLE office or our secretariat at:

Our Lifetime FIACLEs are identified on our FIACLE Directory under ‘Renewal Date’ as ‘Currently holds Lifetime FIACLE Status’.

“FIACLE status gave me the standing and status that I enjoy today, and got me many invites to speak at prestigious contact lens events in India. I will continue to work towards contact lens education in India for many more years.”
Yeshwant Saoji, Lifetime FIACLE