Resource Centres

Would you like to help maintain the standard of contact lens education, encourage your fellow educators to join IACLE, and ensure your students are as knowledgeable as they can be? Then open an IACLE Resource Centre at your teaching institute today.

IACLE Resource Centres 

IACLE Educator Members are welcome to set up and manage a space at their teaching institute that acts as a Resource Centre providing IACLE resources to faculty and students. 

IACLE is a not-for-profit association, so sometimes we need to call on the goodwill of our members and supporting institutes to get involved. Educator Members can create this space by downloading resources from our website (via Member Login), producing hard copies (such as CDs, DVDs, print outs), managing/replenishing stock and maintaining the most current version/s. 

We also need your help to encourage all contact lens educators to join IACLE as we offer a range of programs, services and exciting opportunities throughout each year. Leaflets and posters are available to help promote membership to your colleagues.   

How to Stock Your Resource Centre

Resources Available to Download

Only IACLE members can download the following resources via Member Login using their individual access codes: 

  1. IACLE Contact Lens Course (ICLC)  – consists of 33 lectures, we suggest downloading all onto one DVD-ROM
  2. AOCLE Image Collection (CD)
  3. IACLE Image Collections (CD)
  4. Salazar Image Collection (CD)
  5. The IACLE Video Library DVD Edition (DVD)
  6. Clinical Records Card (PDF) (printed copies)

The above list of resources is just a guide – there are many other useful resources that can be downloaded from the member login and stored in your Resource Centre.

A generic CD/DVD-ROM label is available. We ask members to attach a label to each CD/DVD-ROM and record the description of content in the space provided. We have a specific label for the New ICLC.

Register Now to Get Started

Educator Members who would like to set up an IACLE Resource Centre at their teaching institute are required to submit a Resource Centre registration form.

To find out more about IACLE Resource Centres and historical information

Keeping IACLE Updated

We would appreciate any updates on activities at your IACLE Resource Centre – how often it is used and by whom (faculty/students), favourite resources etc. Images provided as high resolution JPGs can be used in our member newsletters/Facebook page to acknowledge your support for IACLE. Please email your updates to or your nearest IACLE office representative.