IACLE educational resources for contact lens education

IACLE provides a range of educational materials and essential teaching aids to help you be the best in contact lens education.

Our resources are aimed at eye care professionals:

  • Who teach contact lens education AND
  • Students studying contact lenses

Resources offered to members and how to access them


The IACLE Teaching Online Platform – IACLETOP – is an online Learning Management System developed by IACLE using the Canvas platform. Read more

Website Member Login

Members access our resources from the member login on our website. IACLETOP will eventually house all our resources and take over this area of our website.

If you are a member and can’t access our online resources please email your local office or our secretariat on

IACLE members have access to the following resources:

Free Resources

We provide a range of free resources to non-IACLE members and students from our Free Resources area.

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