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Special Notice – Payment Scheme for IACLETOP

IACLE introduces payment scheme for IACLETOP

IACLE’s Teaching Online Platform, IACLETOP, is an online Learning Management System developed using Canvas. The platform will become the central point to access all IACLE online resources and teaching materials, with access via the IACLETOP Login. IACLE is developing IACLETOP to deliver an ever-increasing, powerful array of highly integrated learning products that enable educators worldwide to build a digital learning environment, tailored specifically to their needs, simplify teaching and elevate their students’ learning. 

IACLE continuously strives to support members and how they educate their students. IACLETOP provides members with the ability to develop individual teaching content and assessments, and to integrate IACLE resources into teaching, offering maximum flexibility in a dedicated teaching space. This increased flexibility requires a higher level of support. Due to this, some benefits will now incur additional fees:

  • Student Trial Exams – ran through IACLETOP, the STE is available in two versions, 50 and 100 MCQ formats, and can be resat where needed, allowing student progression to be monitored and compared
  • Student-specific Case Reports – available in two formats, self-directed learning or as an interactive format, each Case Report is available to deliver as a tutorial using the Nearpod software
  • Developing individual teaching material – to support student learning, teaching materials and individual assessments can be developed and delivered through IACLETOP

IACLETOP also has the potential for members to have dedicated space to use for their own teaching, and to use the power of the Canvas system to support their educational work. Additional costs apply for this facility and will be levied on a ‘per student per year’ basis, expiring on 31 December. The costs are as follows:

  • PPP1 US$5
  • PPP2 US$10
  • PPP3 US$15

IACLE President Dr Shehzad Naroo commented: ‘Over the last year, IACLE has invested heavily into IACLETOP. Having our own virtual learning environment makes perfect sense to deliver the vast array of materials that we have. Whilst IACLE members can still access IACLETOP as part of their regular IACLE membership, we do expect that some members will see the benefit of having their own institutional space within IACLETOP and allowing access to their students. In the past we had a nominal fee for students undertaking the Student Trial Exam, the new fee structure is slightly higher but has many more resources that students will find useful.’

Executive Manager of Educational Development Professor Craig Woods said: ‘Incorporating a Learning Management System (LMS) into teaching is a game changer in so many ways. You will see an increase in your student’s motivation to learn and their engagement grow. An LMS allows students’ confidence to grow and they perceive an increase in transparency and fairness in assessments. IACLETOP gives educators unlimited scope in developing state-of-the-art teaching and assessment materials, as well as accessing extensive material developed by IACLE.’

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