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Third IACLE World Congress Lectures

Third IACLE World Congress Videos

The following 16 videos are of lectures presented during the Third IACLE World Congress (WC3) May 24-26, 2015 Manchester U.K.

Click on the clips below to watch the footage on IACLE’s YouTube channel.

Smart Tools for Efficient Learning – presented by Philip Morgan
Getting Contact Lenses Prominent in Our Programs – presented by Craig Woods
Sponsor symposium – J&J presented by Ian Davies
How to Inspire Our Optometric Students – presented by Patrick Caroline
   Blended Learning Approaches – presented by Shehzad Naroo & Fabrizio Zeri
   Transforming the Learning Space with Tablets – keynote speaker Joe Moretti
   Transforming Existing Materials to Enhance the Learning Space – keynote speaker Joe Moretti
   Sponsor symposium – Alcon – presented by Dwight Akerman

 How Can Educators Grow CL Penetration Around the World?

The ‘And’ Opportunity – presented by Helmer Schweizer


 How Can Educators Grow CL Penetration Around the World?

What is the role of education in keeping people in contact lenses? presented by Ian Davies

   Choosing Effective Delivery Systems – presented by Catherine Suttle
   Learning Delivery Systems – presented by Ian Miller & Ian Hutt
   Sponsor symposium – CooperVision – presented by Dwight Akerman
   Hands-On with Nearpod – presented by Ian Miller
   Envisioning the Future Potential of Educational Technology – keynote speaker Helen Crompton
   What I Will Do Differently – WC3 delegates discuss how the congress has influenced their future teaching



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