TLC Initiative

TLC Initiative Monthly Issue #13

Teach. Learn. Connect. in June

The TLC (Teach. Learn. Connect.) Initiative is IACLE’s new online education and communications program that will supplement our existing educational activities. Our aim is to support our members, students and industry as recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Please note that login details for every event are under IACLE Webinars through the IACLETOP Dashboard


‘Lens care and it’s safety’

The theme for June’s webinars is focused on lens care and safety, covering various aspects of lens care such as reinforcing the importance of hygiene, new generation lens care systems and hydrogen peroxide. We are hosting six webinars on the topic, in EnglishChineseKoreanSpanish and Bahasa. Please see the schedule below:

2 June at 3.00 pm India (GMT+5.5)
Presenter: Saranya Balasubramaniam
Language: English

8 June at 8.00 pm China (GMT+8)
PresentersOsbert ChanQuxiaomeiXiexin and Wanghaiying
Language: Chinese

9 June at 4.00 pm Korea (GMT+9)
PresenterKyounghee Park
Language: Korean

16 June at 4.00 pm Colombia (GMT-5)
PresenterMaria Baez
Language: Spanish 

23 June at 12.00 noon UK (BST)
PresenterIsha Dave
Language: English

27 June at 11.00 am Jakarta (GMT+7)
PresenterCheni Lee
Language: Bahasa


What can IACLETOP offer you?

IACLETOP is our online Learning Management System designed to support educators and their students. IACLETOP is IACLE’s central point to access our online resources and teaching materials, with access via the IACLETOP Login

NEW this month

New versions of the IACLE Contact Lens Course curriculum are available as a package with access through the IACLETOP Library. The package contains all lectures from the ICLC2020 in a ‘view only’ format. This allows educators who have access to their own Student Area to import the package, release any chosen lecture and create additional teaching and assessment materials orientated around the ICLC2020 presentations. More information on the Student Area.

Recordings from our global Virtual Conference themed ‘Integrating research into education’ are available to view on IACLETOP through the IACLE Conferences tab

For those members who have registered for the Fellowship Exam in November, we are running monthly virtual support workshops, with the theme changing each month. A guide on how to use Fellowship Exam Area within IACLETOP and the structure of the exam will be discussed in the June session. These workshops will run until the exam and will be available in local languages. The first English-speaking session takes place on Tuesday 1 June at 12 noon UK time (BST) and a recording will be available in the Fellowship Exam Area within IACLETOP after the event has taken place. 

Did you know?

The IACLE Library has a new location in IACLETOP, under the Member Area tab through the Dashboard. 


Weekly webinars conducted in Spanish across the Latin America region. Please contact Americas Regional Coordinator Willy Carrillo for more information. 

2 June at 11.00 am Ecuador (GMT-5)
Topic: Contact lens care and its applications with low vision
Presenter: Flor Piña

16 June at 11.00 am Colombia (GMT-5)
Topic: How to promote contact lenses as a student
Presenter: Juan Camilo Cuesta

23 June at 10.00 am Guatemala (GMT-6)
Topic: Two mistakes that are made in contact lens fittings that could be avoided
Presenter: Louren Escobar and Josue Molina

30 June at 11.00 am Mexico (GMT-5)
Topic: Alternative management of presbyopic patients with contact lenses
Presenter: Esau Luna


Journal Club in June

This month, Chitra Thenamudan and Jinal Zaveri is hosting Journal Club on Friday 25 June at 3.00 pm India (GMT+5.5). The team will discuss the most relevant papers and topics related to contact lens education. We encourage all members and Fellows of IACLE to take part in Journal Club. If you would like to present, please contact Nilesh Thite..


Over the past year, we have changed our methods of delivering education in response to how the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to affect our teaching. Please help us respond to your needs by sparing a few minutes to compete our survey on our recent activities. Please complete by 15 June at the latest.

Access the survey in English

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