TLC Initiative

TLC Initiative Monthly Issue #14

Teach. Learn. Connect. in July

The TLC (Teach. Learn. Connect.) Initiative is IACLE’s new online education and communications program that will supplement our existing educational activities. Our aim is to support our members, students and industry as recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Please note that login details for every event are under IACLE Webinars through the IACLETOP Dashboard


‘Grow your contact lens practice’

Throughout July, IACLE is hosting four global webinars themed ‘Grow your contact lens practice’. Brian Tompkins kick starts the series with ‘Business aspects of contact lens practice’ on Tuesday 7 July at 12 noon UK time (BST). Please see the full schedule below.

7 July at 12 noon UK time (BST)
PresenterBrain Tompkins
Topic: Business aspects of contact lens practice
Meeting ID: 851 1760 1092
Password: 814624

14 July at 12 noon UK time (BST)
PresenterRakesh Kapoor
Topic: Aftercare visits: Why, when, and how?
Meeting ID: 815 3604 6853
Password: 276662

21 July at 12 noon UK time (BST)
PresenterNick Howard
Topic: Maximize your potential with soft contact lenses
Meeting ID: 897 3586 3184
Password: 675283

28 July at 12 noon UK time (BST)
PresenterCaroline Christie
Topic: Managing presbyopia with soft contact lenses
Meeting ID: 818 0689 3310
Password: 314819

View the full webinar schedule in IACLETOP


What can IACLETOP offer you?

IACLETOP is our online Learning Management System designed to support educators and their students. IACLETOP is IACLE’s central point to access our online resources and teaching materials, with access via the IACLETOP Login

NEW this month

The Education Team have developed ‘how to’ videos to visually demonstrate how to use certain aspects of IACLETOP. These are available to view through YouTube and the IACLE website.

Watch a video on how to login, how to modify the Dashboard and how to access the IACLE Library

Did you know?

The IACLE Library, designed for members to gain access to images and videos from other IACLE colleagues, is growing. FIACLE Prasad Sawant from Sawant Optometry Clinic in Dombivli, India, kindly donated 50 images to the IACLE Library that is  designed for members

Access the 2021 Prasad Sawant Image Collection

The ICLC2020 is periodically updated for key changes. The Chinese and Korean versions have recently had significant upgrades. 

Access the ICLC2020 via IACLETOP

Coming up…

The IACLETOP Education Team are currently developing regional hubs within IACLETOP to enable members to easily communicate with their peers, launching soon. The idea of the hubs is to allow members to assist one another whilst using the resources within the portal. Each regional hub will be accessible in core languages. 


Weekly webinars conducted in Spanish across the Latin America region. Please contact Americas Regional Coordinator Willy Carrillo for more information. 

7 July at 11.00 am (GMT-5)
Topic: Challenges to assess GP contact lens fitting
Presenter: Oscar Rodriguez

14 July at 11.00 am (GMT-5)
Topic: Care and maintenance for prosthetics
Presenter: Alvaro Madrid

21 July at 11.00 am (GMT-5)
Topic: Digital transformation and marketing applied to contact lenses, how far can we go? 
Presenter: Javier Villanueva

21 July at 7.00 pm (GMT-5)
Topic: Contact lens business
Presenter: Guillermo Carrillo


Journal Club in June

This month, Mahesh Ramar and Supriya Patil are hosting Journal Club on Friday 23 July at 3.00 pm India (GMT+5.5). The team will discuss the most relevant papers and topics related to contact lens education. We encourage all members and Fellows of IACLE to take part in Journal Club. If you would like to present, please contact Nilesh Thite

Webinar in Bahasa

On Sunday 4 July at 11.00 am Jakarta (GMT+7), Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator Cheni Lee is hosting a webinar on ‘The importance of lens care’. Please contact Cheni for more information. 


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