TLC Initiative

TLC Initiative Monthly Issue #24

Teach. Learn. Connect. in June

The TLC (Teach. Learn. Connect.) Initiative is IACLE’s online education and communications program that will supplement our existing educational activities. Our aim is to support our members, students and industry as recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic continues.


‘Ocular health of children wearing daily disposable contact lenses’ with Jill Woods

Join Jill Woods on Wednesday 22 June at 1 pm UK (BST) for a global webinar on ‘Ocular health of children wearing daily disposable contact lenses’.

The contact lens practitioners and the parents of children wearing contact lenses are generally concerned about the ocular health of children. In this webinar, Jill Woods will share physiological response data from a long-term clinical trial in which children were fit with daily disposable soft contact lenses and followed through early adolescence.

Members can watch live online via Zoom, and the event will be live streamed to our Facebook page for students to get involved. Please see Zoom details below.

22 June at 1 pm UK (BST)
Presenter: Jill Woods
Topic: Ocular health of children wearing daily disposable contact lenses
Meeting ID: 894 0367 5236
Password: 725678
Zoom link

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Weekly webinars conducted in Spanish across the Latin America region. Please contact Americas Regional Coordinator Willy Carrillo for more information.

1 June at 1 pm Argentina (GMT-3)
Topic: In office tools for correcting astigmatism
Presenter: Juan Pablo Luna

8 June at 11 am Colombia (GMT-5)
Topic: Contact lens fitting and how to teach students to be successful
Presenter: John Jairo Valencia

15 June at 11 am Ecuador (GMT-5)
Importance of contact lens practice in visual disability
Presenter: Andrés Rubio

22 June at 11 am Colombia (GMT-5)
Measurement scales: Tools to advise, describe and evolve clinical findings
Presenter: Juan Camilo Cuesta

29 June at 11 am Colombia (GMT-5)
Additional options for irregular corneas without scleral lenses
Presenter: Ana Milena Olave


7 June at 5 pm South Korea (GMT+9)
Topic: How to use IACLETOP
Presenter: Kyounghee Park

If you have any queries, please contact Korea National Coordinator Kyounghee Park.


14 June at 8 pm China (GMT+8)
Topic: Safe lens care of orthokeratology and contact lenses care products
Presenters: Qu Xiaomei, Wang Haiying and Tian Xin

If you have any queries, please contact China National Coordinator Qu Xiaomei.


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