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Updates of ICLC in 2020

May 2019

IACLE moves to regular updates of its flagship course with ICLC 2020

The International Association of Contact Lens Educators has announced that it will introduce rolling updates to its flagship educational resource, the New IACLE Contact Lens Course, from 2020.

Available online exclusively to IACLE members, the course will in future be revised and updated at regular intervals by the world’s leading authorities in contact lenses, starting with ICLC 2020. Editors will now review each lecture two years after its completion.

With six modules and 33 lectures, the New ICLC is the most used and most important of IACLE’s resources, and is rated highest for satisfaction by members. IACLE currently has 845 active members in 625 institutions in 78 countries, teaching around 20,000 students worldwide each year. 

In April, the New ICLC reached a major milestone with the completion of the final lecture, Dry Eye & Contact Lenses, authored by Professor James Wolffsohn of Aston University, UK to reflect the 2017 TFOS DEWS II Report. Work is now under way to translate the current course into key languages. 

IACLE President Dr Shehzad Naroo welcomed the move to rolling updates: ‘ICLC 2020 will be the first update of the New ICLC, our most valued resource. Lectures will then be updated on a regular basis to ensure that users have access to the latest developments in the field and that the course remains relevant.’

IACLE Director of Educational Development Dr Lewis Williams described how the course has changed to be a product ‘for its time’: ‘In its 40-year history, IACLE has tackled – and continues to tackle – a large number of major projects. However, none has been as large as the curriculum projects. Firstly, there was the printed IACLE Contact Lens Course which occupied more than a decade from its inception in 1997 to distribution of the final module in several core languages in addition to its English original. 

‘Launched in 2015, the New ICLC is now a wholly electronic product that bypasses the significant issues of production and distribution, makes supply almost instantaneous, enables easy updating as the contact lens discipline and related areas evolve, and allows for modification and correction as feedback from users is received.  

‘The release of the final module represents a major IACLE milestone made possible only by the substantial contributions of all the invited authors. To those authors, IACLE and its members are eternally grateful.’

Full details of the New ICLC and list of Editors.
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